First things first..


Hello and welcome! My name is Raiza and 20 years old I’m from the Philippines and practicing Islam but definitely not a terrorist! I also have a degree in nursing but unlicensed yet, and will be taking the board exam for nurses this November 29 and 30 of 2015 which would be in less than 2 weeks and hoping for the best!

Instead of giving a really fancy “Welcome-to-my-blog” kind of post I’m going to stick talking about me, myself, and I yes! Because I’m a narcissistic kind of person and I only care about myself..


So just a brief summary of me.. I live with my parents together with my two siblings Dhania which is 5 and Walie 16. I also have two cats named Claude and Pierce (Thank you I know their names are awesome *sarcasm*).

Things I love..

SHOPPING, SHOPPING, AND SHOPPING AGAIN! I can say I love traveling new places but long hours of flight stresses me! I love spending time watching sceneries especially sunsets and stargazing as much as malling! I’m definitely not that rich-shopaholic kid! NO! I save money buying gifts for myself. When I talk about shopping, it’s not buying all expensive clothes and make ups but going to malls and finding all sale items that are still fancy to wear and even tho I ran out of money I still love hanging out at malls and do window shoppings and find something cute to wear.

I also love spending time at home with my parents and sibs and just eat, pray, or just have fun together. I believe that no matter how much friends could be comfortable no amount of satisfaction is comparable when you’re spending time with family.

I’m an introvert in a very covert way.

I spend a lot of time in Facebook and Instagram even tho I am not posting anything at my wall I just love keeping myself updated about my friends which is really wasting too much of my time. God knows I would never show anyone my search history in social networking sites. I feel like showing anyone whom I’ve stalked is opening so much about me (because I only stalk REALLY REALLY significant persons)

I’m wearing braces and I hate it but it’s going to be removed soon. I. CANT. WAIT.

I don’t eat nor drink sweet foods. Yes! Sugary tasting food makes me nauseous and gives me a headache. Definitely no amount of cake, candies, chocolate, nor doughnuts can make me happy.

I’m a sucker for leather or any black-colored bags it gives me happiness I could not describe. I also love watches and collecting perfumes although I don’t use them much I just want to have them.

I can’t say I’m a techno lover. With my iPad, phone, camera and power bank with me is enough with a pinch of wifi I’m on the go!

Did I say too much? Let’s get to know each other more!

New blogger here!! Yay lol




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