Always a bad blood.

Sometimes the people whom you think you’ll be comfortable with will only make things awkward and make you judge yourself. The words they free stung so much without knowing anything because for them it was a “silly joke” when it’s their subconscious definition of who you are to them…

But you love them, so how are you going to keep up?
Live with it a little more.

Meeting new people is like breathing fresh air so new and so clean that makes me believe that I could live more without being judge. No matter how dark the past was, I don’t want to lose hope I want to love myself back then fix it because in the end we all commit mistakes but it never ends there because you can back up and fix what is left in order to appreciate life back and even more.

They say that “your past will never define who you are” but I don’t believe that because what you did before can never be erased and all of that was once YOU. It was the complete definition of you and you see that’s the problem because people tend to forget what good you did and can never erase in their memory the negative you.

Uh life always a criminal.
Hustisya para sa mga nagbabagong buhay



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