#AtFestOneAteneo #Opening

November 1st, 2015 The day the Ateneo de Zamboanga University officially launched the Ateneo Fiesta 2015.

I decided to publish a blog regarding the happenings! So before anything else I would like to remind you guys that this blog wasn’t written by someone pro at this but a first timer so no more high expectations if possible get ready for some crappy written insights! Ha ha

  (Photo: from the 2nd floor of Cafe Atenista. Students preparing for the human formation of 1 ADZU)

(Photo: Behind the students while they are waiting for the final call for the formation)

   (Photo: taken at the NCB 304, 3rd flr of the building with a view of the Ateneo backfield where the human formation will take place)


So yea 2015 AtFest!

 (Photo: from passing to the lighting of the torch by Fr Karel)

I decided to be present on the first day since the festival dance contest is going to be today!

Why festival dance?

Well I don’t usually watch these kinds of contests but since I joined the last year festival dance and won first place I wanted to relive the moment and experience how is it to be an audience.

 (Photo: two of the most competitive teams that are always fighting for the number 1 spot the #NAO and #AAO)

Last year’s 1st placer was awarded to the #NAO (Nursing Academic Org) ending up #AAO (Accountancy Academic Org) at the 2nd spot.

 (Photo: live streaming of the competition just outside the MPCC for the audiences who weren’t able to get in)

So here’s a rundown of the performances

1) SLA (School of Liberal Arts)

2) NAO (Nursing Academic Org)

3) CSIT (College of Science and Information Technology)
4) AAO (Accountancy Academic Org)


6) MAO (Management Academic Org)




Honestly, I wasn’t disappointed at all with the result. They very much deserve it. Congratulations!

And again, sorry for the lame post!!!



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