Whispering Hearts Part I

November 2009
A flashback of yesterday’s meeting…

“Girls, I’m nervous about the audition” Tonette our bassist said worriedly while fixing her gaze on the clouds since we’re all lying on the grass at our school’s backfield.

“Yeah! We’re definitely going to be a laughingstock” Iya the keyboardist added while playing on her PSP.
“Girls! calm down! There’s always a first for everyone! And hey we’re not that bad! We’ll just show them what we got and whatever happens, happens” Joya the lead guitarist explained hoping to relieve the anxiety.
It was the time of the year where the graduating students of the school band endorses its responsibility to the newly chosen group of students to handle the band for the next school year and me and my girls were hoping to have our chance to play for the school band.
“This won’t do. we need someone to spy for us tomorrow” Zar, our drummer and leader stated. “Someone who’ll watch how things are going to be, and will take some notes.”
“Well I have to skip. I’ll probably can’t join you by Sunday if I stay out tomorrow” Dira, the other vocalist of the band responded as she applied her Magenta shade Nyx lipstick onto her plump lips.
“Okay. So who?” I asked. Hoping that this meeting will end early since I was so tired from taking care of Anika my baby sis last night.
“Why don’t you go Timmie? You’re closer to school it won’t be much of a hustle, right? And besides you’re the only one who already passed the science project” Zar suggested.

I was about to protest saying that I can’t since my mom was sick and I had to take care of Anika for another whole night but all of them were looking at me waiting for my reply. Well it’s true that among them I have the lesser problem of going to school I could just ask my brother to watch Anika tomorrow so to make this fast I simply agreed.
“So how did it go?” I heard Ally’s voice as I tried to free my bike from the lock. Ally’s my best friend and we’ve been close even before entering school she must be the smartest girl I know! Ever since grade school she consistently topped our class and I’m so proud of her;

She was also the one who pushed me to join the band and pursue singing since it’d be a waste she said. I don’t know what to do without her I just love her so much.

“The meeting was ok. Just the usual except I have to be a spy for tomorrow” I replied as I successfully free my bike.

“Saturday at school? Hmm.. Alone?” She asked as we started riding our bikes
“Well looks like it. except if you want to go. I’m sure he’ll be there too.” I said as I stifle a laugh while she was starting to turn red.

“ha ha! Very funny” She retorted.

Ally has a big crush on Raffy ever since grade school. The three of us used to be close before since we lived at the same subdivision. We were even in the same class if it weren’t only for that year when he disappeared and left school. Nobody knew what happened to him it was kind of a mystery then but I guess everybody moved on and honestly, Ally and I still couldn’t believe at his transformation. Raffy changed so much, from the thin boy wearing braces and specs to the now strikingly handsome rockstar that everybody has a crush on and he seems perfectly fine he’s even auditioning for Sonata.
“I’m serious I heard that their band are going to sign up for tomorrow’s audition” I stated.
“Alright! Alright! but not because of him! Okay? I just don’t want you to go spying and looking weird alone tomorrow.” She explained.
“Alright! I’m sure Raffy’s out of this”
*I winked at her*

“Hello? Timmie? Are you still there!? You know you’re the only one who’s not busy for today so just please just have a peek of how its going to be. For us? Please? Hello? TIMMIE!?”
“Yeah, I heard you Zar! I’ll be there. I promise!” I replied.
“Perfect! Just pm us! Thanks”
*Call Ended*
I silently growl as I put my phone back to the drawer. Right! Now I just have to endure a day of spying.
I was with my usual outfit: hoodies, skinny jeans with fit-flop slippers while driving my bike to school. Although I was still distant, I can already hear the sonorous sound of the instruments and I can’t help get nervous knowing it would be us tomorrow.
I was at the gym when I saw Ally’s text:
: Bleachers. left side top most! xx

I looked up-left and saw her waving at me and I mouthed wait and proceeded to her. I could see that everyone was busy with adjusting and settling their instruments while others are cheering for support.
“Looks like a tough search Tim” Ally started while scanning the setting.
“Yeah, we’ll probably never gonna get in” I replied.
“Would you please stop being a downer? How many times do I have to tell you that you got what it takes to be a Sonata?” She continued.
I wasn’t sure if I was excited or frightened with the idea of the audition I now have. I felt like I wanted some air and calm myself first.
“Ally I have to go to the bathroom. I’ll be back” I told her.
“Bring back some snacks okay?”
“Sure” I smiled.
After a moment of calming myself, I was about to leave for the canteen when I heard someone strumming a guitar and playing Back To You by John Mayer it was my favorite song and it was beautifully played that I didn’t realize I was unconsciously singing with it.
Back to you

It always comes around

Back to you

I tried to forget you

I tried to stay away

But it’s too late
Over you

I’m never over

Over you

It’s something about you

It’s just the way you move

The way you move me

Yeah, I’m so good at forgetting

And I quit every game I play

But forgive me, love

I can’t turn and walk away this way

Back to you

It always comes around

Back to you

I walk with your shadow

I’m sleeping in my bed

With your silhouette
Yeah, should’ve smiled in that picture

If it’s the last that I’ll see of you

It’s the least that you could not do

Leave the light on

I’ll never give up on you

Leave the light on

For me, too 


Back to me

I know that it comes

Back to me

Doesn’t it scare you

Your will is not as strong

As it used to be..

After some time the song ended and I was back to myself and realized that I actually sang the whole song.
“That was you, right?” I turned my back facing the one talking.





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