Note:Whispering Hearts

Hi Assalamu alaikum!

I decided to put up my first ever written story to my blog along with my other published lame topics so here I’ll be talking about a bit of the description of the story…

It was 6 years ago when Timmie and Noor were both still 15 and living in the same cage of ignorance well aware of how easily they can destroy each other. Timmie was his senior, a so-called average girl who dreamed to be a singer and Noor was the school’s notorious rockstar back then.

yes! A muslim inspired love story.
How Fatima and Noor fell in love at the wrong time and let their trust in love lead them back to each others arms again at the most perfect time ever.


I have no idea when I’ll be able to upload the next chapter but I will in shaa ALLAH✌️

I’ll try my best to make the story great for an amateur author xx



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