Have you ever met that someone and you know you’re ruined just by having them around but every now and then you always find reasons that will make you stick to that person even though it sucks as hell? Like my gosh I am indeed trapped with this person and the worst is finding yourself in love with them. Yes! Out of 7B people living in this planet, you fell into love with the specific person who will definitely ruined your life.
A relationship that ended 5 years ago but still haunted me even after it stopped.


After all this time I have concluded that the main reason this happened is because I allowed it to.

Every now and then I always find myself communicating with you and believing every words you say to me be it the truth or lies.

I lose every chance of moving on with a single text from you.

I do recall telling myself to move on and forget you well honestly it worked but it was not easy. It took me too much effort to love myself and to realize my worth back. I remember stopping myself every time I wanted to talk to you again saying you’re not worth my time anymore and that I deserved someone better.

I was alright. I can say better than who I was years back then.

At the peak of my joy passing the boards, I was more and more proud of myself about what I have done not only for me but how much I made everyone around me proud.

And somehow you were just somebody that I used to know.

Well you were..

But the world seemed to be getting smaller back for us and letting us meet again.

What? Now that you’re back

I was not surprised by how much you want me back if there was anything about it, it was clearly all expected.

Why are you doing this to me?

I was too afraid to duel at anything especially after hearing that you have just broken up with your girlfriend and right now you want me back. I was stunned by how worthless you made me feel.. just like the old times

Ang sabi nga nila, Kung kailan ka pa okay dun pa sila babalik at sisirain ka nanaman ulit

And now for the nth time! I’m challenging myself to never allow him or anyone else play with my heart again and if ever I fail AGAIN and get hurt even with the slightest pain, I definitely do not have any right to complain so I better shut myself down from everyone! #savage #garbage



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