Lazybones post

So done with everything! I have to focus on what matters most right now. I feel like I’m literally being punished because of being lazy the entire time. I’m really doing nothing serviceable to anyone at all. That’s why I started reviewing myself for the incoming NMAT this coming October although I haven’t made up my mind yet on whether to enter medical school, I think its safer to take the test. The reason that stops me from entering med school is the stress I have to handle in school and the easier way to earn money if I become a nurse at our province… Why undergo the hardships when I am this lazy? 

And more than anything else, I just want to spent time with my family as cliche as it may sounds but lets face it! Studying requires too much time in school and less time with family and on the other hand if I go home to Tawi-Tawi that means less time with my family too.

Ending with the usual apologetic footer:

Sorry for the lame post, and again don’t be such a grammar nazi with me I almost failed english so just don’t because I know. Love you!