Forever restart

As redundant as it may sound that I will start anew and a better life, I WILL START AGAIN. I think there’s nothing wrong with that as long as you change yourself to be a more loving version of who and what you are now.

People will always criticize, belittle, make fun of you, and hurt you but that’s life no matter how many times you’re knocked out by someone, you will always get to choose whether to stay down or rise and believe that a better tomorrow will come and a better version of you will live.

Stronger and more mature you..
Forget the past and live on.

Don’t force yourself to forgive them if you think you are not that strong and capable yet, maybe you just need to heal a little more.


The key to an effective start is when you know you have forgiven the ones who broke your heart and let go of them for good.

Remember there’s no good in keeping someone who does not know your worth. So go out with the ones who truly love you and make you comfortable without feeling inferior and the need of impressing them.