K-style shopping

Hello my lovely readers!!!

So after ages of waiting, for the first time I got a message from Althea saying that the package will arrive in 2 days!!! Well actually I have another separate package arriving soon which I ordered a week after I made my first purchase and I am just so ecstatic since this is the first parcel I am going to receive from Althea!!!


I have been looking for new items that are affordable but still money worth it and decided to try Korean products again this time. Korean items are not really new to me since I have tried using some before specifically from TheFaceShop, Tony Moly and Etude House so I figured that I should get some new items from different brands too like the popular April Skin, Missha, Witch’s Pouch and the newest brand Elizavecca which makes me more excited!!!

Since I was broke at the time I was searching for items, I decided to have a fixed amount of money intended for this time and try the cheaper ones instead for lesser regrets too if ever I won’t like the products. The planned budget was to spend less than php 1,500 and prayed for a lot of sale items!

I was ecstatic when I started scrolling through Althea… before I knew it I was out of control and was adding everything to bag and ended up with a bill of 3000 pesos that actually took me 2 hours of reflecting about it and finally settled with just spending 1,500 for this purchase and decided to remove the other lovely items but promised to get them the next time I order and so I did lol.

I was actually sad thinking that I won’t be able to get more than 2 items since I have always wanted to try the April Skin cushion and made that my priority but luckily the cushion was on sale thanks to Althea *teary eyes*! Yes I spent almost half the regular price!!!!!! and additional to the Snow Cushion, I also got a mascara from Missha, a lipstick from Witch’s Pouch and lastly, a primer from Elizavecca which I did not planned but since the item was insanely discounted I said Why not? I might get so much more in return from this!

Really hoping I would like all the product when it arrives so please watch out for my reviews when it comes!! 🙂