Instead of doing a review of each product I got from Althea, I have decided to publish a “What’s in my bag” post since all of my purchases from Althea are going to be part of this PLUS the additional items that I personally have inside my bag.

Although I may add some items other than what I have included, it will always depend on the occasion like for example if I am going to spend the whole day outside then I will have to bring my toothbrush or even a cleanser with me (since I am very prone to having acnes so cleansing is really a must).

So 20!!! Yes, 20 items that are constantly have/should have inside my bag 🎒
Lets check it out?!

1. Invocations in Islam, in case of emergency or even in free time its always best to have a good book to read and this one is really a must for every muslim in order to memorize the proper invocation in Islam ✔️

2. Power-bank and cord, everyone’s struggle with IPhone’s are its fast-draining batt and since I use LTE all the time, this is a must!


  • Myra VITASMOOTH Facial Moisturizer, dry-skin problems you know it!
  • Snoe BB liquid powder, although I rarely use this I just keep it inside my bag if ever I’m up for a matte look and not a dewy kind fresh look ✔️
  • Elizavecca’s Skin Liar Primer, This is from Althea Korea which was part of the parcel I received and I must say that it works!! It gives this velvety finish after applying and it truly blur your pores just like what it promises.
  • Maybelline’s Baby Lips, dry lips problem! ugh
  • SHUT UP & KISS ME Lip and Cheek Mousse in this shade, I just love how it blends together with the Maybelline’s balm and makes your lips look moisturized healthy and matte at the same time or I must say creamy ✔️
  • Witch’s Pouch Selfie Like Shot Dual Lipstick, another item from Althea what I really love about this lipstick is that it does not dry my lips like the other lipsticks I have tried and it gives the Korean style lip color in gradation. You might be confuse as to why I have two different lipsticks, I do not put them together but I have two in case I want to switch color from pink to coral.


  • Wireless Headphones, Yes. I use this when taking a short nap. Unlike shown in the photo, this headphone size are fine and not disturbingly huge like the others.
  • Forme perfume in Pretty Sweet scent, aside from its nice smell what I love about it is its size and shape too.
  • IT’S MY BRUSH for blush ons.
  • April Skin Cushion which I got from Althea, I actually had high expectations from this cushion but ended up disappointed. The color was not my match and it was too heavy wear. Sad but I’ll keep on using it I just have to put some extra effort in order for it to blend well.


  • L’OREAL Le Blush True Match, blush on purposes although I only apply blush on sometimes I just love having it on my bag hehe
  • Purederm’s make up remover/ Cleansing towelettes for removing make up thoroughly.
  • Alcohol


  • Vicks, Yes I’m one of those who are obsessed with Vicks
  • Eyelash curler
  • Missha’s 4D style mascara, Although it does not give you that high volume and very curl eyelashes I think that this mascara is okay since I do not really want my eyelash to stand out, just the natural kind of curl.


  • Sunglasses, among the other things in my bag this is the rarest item that I use but still have it inside my bag especially during summer outings.
  • ID’s, credit card and license. I also like how this thing have a back pocket so that I won’t have to use a wallet for keeping cash.

Thank you!!!