Long time no publish! ☺️

How are you today?

Sorry that I haven’t been posting anything for awhile for no other valid reason than losing a bit of interest in writing my nonsensical thoughts.

So lately.. something happened. I don’t even know if I could write what exactly it is. but I’m very happy.

Just inspired.


Inspired.. ❤️

Well not in the sense of being in love and its not like I’m going to know him personally, just crush. Yep! Crush. HAHAHA! I don’t even know anything and its better that way (I prefer it that way). I feel like knowing more will hurt.. (char! Hurt agad?) Hahaha! No. seriously. He’s really far and I think he’s looking for his forever somewhere I do not care.

Basta kinikilig lang ako. Masama ba? I think he’s kind? or at the very least.. he looks like it at I really don’t care naman since there’s no way I’ll meet him. 👅

Yung kinikilig ka lang. Masaya po yun. at kahit alam mong hanggang dun lang yun, masaya ka pa rin. masaya pa rin ako 🙈

Ganun lang.

Ganern lang bes.