First of all I love you and if I had to choose beforehand whom I’ll have as my father.. it will always be you. Always.

Time did not change anything for the both of us dad. I used to envy other girls how they have a very close connection with their father because unlike us, we did not have that.

But do not get me wrong because I know that next to mother, you treasured and love me just as much as she does.

Being 21 and starting to decide things on my own, choosing things what I wanted to do after graduating may not really be convenient for you.. at least some of my choices in life.

And as a 21 years old, I’m really sorry for not being to understand your part. I’m sorry that I am hurting that you would not allow me to do things that I find helpful to my being. I know that you work so hard and it pains me too and that is why I wanted to leave and do what I can to be of help for you and mom. 

We may not be struggling in life like the others but dad if I could do something or more to help you feel even better in this world please let me do that. I hope you will let me serve and give you something back in return. I understand that you don’t want me to work and feel alone somewhere far but I can’t be like this.

I cannot.

But of course there’s no way I’ll disobey your decisions because you’re my king and with that, its case closed.

I’m sorry for posting this and getting hurt. I love you and I’ll be fine ❤️