Where did it go

So fast, so sudden but so done too.

Grabbing every little bit of happiness I could take even just for a quick duration because that is necessary.

I am free and loving every bit of it. Yes, I do not have to talk it out loud but it feels so nice to be able to go wherever, and whenever..

Not sure but I think loneliness only exists in being single when you’re still not over by the past and missing someone’s company is exactly an example of it.


That’s normal. You’re human. and the world is filled with couples everywhere dating. I agree that in every attachments, there’s always the smiles that you loved to see from someone that hits you through the bones making you crazy the main reason why you’ve dated them and although somewhere you have lost it but still it happened and that’s what you missed the most.

Too sweet to forget. 

Too hard to just leave.

But it ended too.

Believe me when I tell you it is not over yet. You have so much time now to make yourself believe that you are enough to make yourself complete and be happy in your own little company. And when you’re done, you’ll realize how much you were missing yourself and how much you have spend time hurting yourself because of the wrong person.

No regrets because what you did made you who you are.

Not anyone were lucky to have a good start in everything, you and your flaws are still worth it even with all those scars, you are very much worth it of something big and even bigger than what you expect today.

Just love yourself more and know what you deserve and that’s best for you.

There are no measurements to justify how long you still have to go but that’s not what is important now, you really do not have to rush yourself.

That is you and of everything, you have the most control of yourself. Take it slow and treasure it because you need some loving from yourself after all what you have been through.

be selfish. yes.

& I wish you the best.