Today was hot I cried

Hello everyone!

Like what I’ve said in my last entry I’m back to school and today is the first step of it. After being out of school for a long time everything feels weird and will I ever get used to letting go of being a student?

But not until now, Yes today I’ll be enrolling for my masters degree in nursing this semester.. the first time I heard that this was a thing was actually when I was still a fourth year high school and that old people attend this class.. but here I am! looking young as ever and enrolling at it! 

So I went to school at exactly 8 am today asking myself will it be okay to go back without my best friends? Well its not that bad but looking at Ateneo really makes you think about the past and college moments that are too precious and very missed.

Apparently it wasn’t that bad but because the school is currently under construction (due to the fire) some of the offices were relocated to another building that I had to ask some student where it was transferred..

The drill was that I must first take an exam in order for me to be able to enroll so I did. I won’t get into details about the exam but I’m sure it wasn’t that bad. Ha Ha

If there was something on my mind this whole day it was MONEY yes. I’m currently saving money for I’m planning to buy something on my own and it’s getting hard especially for someone like me who can’t just save money for so many reasons I can’t even figure out 🙃


Anyway since today was the exam, I have to enroll tomorrow !!

Silently welcomes myself back to school.

So basically that’s what happened today.

TIRED. Tired. tired. —