Love for Sel

I know this is late but I just want to give a big shoutout to my baby girl Selena Gomez! I’m so happy that you’re out in public again during the 2016 AMAs after the 3 months break from everything and I must say that you were beautiful as per usual and that Prada gown was really classy, simple not to mention you were glowing af but baby girl what really caught our hearts was your speech damn it was everything! Literally everything! raw, kind, heartbreaking, touching and just wonderful and very much you. 

Sel, know that this is more than just us loving you, it was both you and us building this bond without you nor us even knowing it ever since and yet it was there we were in love all the time.

Know that we will always stay loyal to you. You cry, we cry too. But just because we’re broken doesn’t mean we’ll stay broken. 

You asks us what you did to deserve us? ITS BASICALLY THIS. You making us believe for a better revival from the past and make it the best and trust that having a heart to what we all do will help get over being broken inside and that is by giving care to one another (and not flaunting bodies on instagram).
I Love You Sel.