Life I have now… unexpectedly turned interesting. Why? I have a couple of reasons and here they are:

1. Hello to being an Army!!

Well its not new that I’m a fan of Kpop but just a week ago I have been really obsessed with BTS to the point that I’m considering leaving the EXO fanbase which is the EXO-L. Although I must say that compared to BTS, the EXO still has the prettiest faces in terms of boy band visuals. Okay so back to leaving EXO-L yes, I’m leaving. I feel like I have been hurt so much with this group and after the crazy controversies especially the KRIS and TAO’s departure from the band because they were my biases and it was a crazy huge deal for me but even it broke my heart I still continued supporting them as an EXO-L but lately, I just wasn’t into their music anymore.

But the BTS!!! DARN IT! These BANGTAN BOYS have so much passion and talent in them. yes I admit although they lack the looks but they have the undeniably charm and real deal talent and sick dance moves that will amaze you not to say the vocalists are also great and the rapper skills are very on point that every time I watch them, I became more curious and into them more.

2. Stitches and more needlework !!

I didn’t know I love needles! I actually already spent a huge amount on this without regrets! It just makes me so damn happy and I think that’s why I’m really into it. I can do craft, dress, or whatever I want with the power of a needle. but of course as a beginner, I’m still figuring out how things like the sewing machine really works to use it in an effective and pretty manner since the last sewing machine I bought a year ago gave up on me (or maybe because it was cheap irdk). With this new one I’m really hoping to a better experience in needle crafting! Very excited!!!

3. I stopped being a neglecting mother to my kids 🙂

Yes! My babies! Olivia and Wild (insert cat emoticon) I felt like its been a really long time since I have given care to them in any forms so I went shopping and buy them new sets of grooming kits, vitamins, and new beds for them too. Now I make sure they get enough bath to keep them clean and have a more comfortable space to sleep. AND MAKE SURE I PAT THEM ALL THE TIME even though I think I’m starting to develop allergic rhinitis because of getting very close to them these past days.

Also I have noticed that Olivia’s tummy is bigger than the usual so I think she’s pregnant (WHO IMPREGNATED MY BABY GIRL!!!????? WHO!!????) that’s why I need to let her take vitamins for her to be healthier.

4. School? Research?

I think I’m doing good. Nothing to worry! I’m just waaaay to excited to have my new ID this week! Funny! I should have gotten it earlier! but its nice to have a new ID before 2017! 🙂