Another 2016-year-end goal once again turned into trash 😥

It has been months since I’ve been itching to have new IDs yes, I know this is weak but to me its some kind of a big deal and an accomplishment too.

First! This was the year that I received my PRC license from passing the NLE! I got 1!

2nd, my driver’s license! Before, this was where I start to rant about how the LTO still can’t provide the plastic card IDs even after paying for it already. Its really a disappointment that this process are still not fixed even after having the new admin but I somehow kind of moved on from that and accepted the fact that this piece of paper will be soon to be a plastic card. Someday in 2017 gosh

3rd! Ayayay. No excuses, all my fault! Or was it? Was the graduate school office always opened to making new IDs? And that I was too irresponsible to always skip that process and always procrastinate? I was already at the university gate when the guard caught me and asked what was my purpose and I told him about the ID and clearly it wasn’t a big deal to him as much as it was for me so he sent me home and told me I can go back to the office and claim it next year. Thank you very much sir!

4th? Passport. Its been years and all I have is plans.. Why? I don’t know! Somehow my body finds it a big burden to visit the DFA and apply for a passport but was too energized to have my police, NBI, and OMA clearances in just one day.
1 out of 4.