Uh acne

Nothing is forever, but my acnes are trying to prove otherwise.

These past few months I have been really struggling with acnes all over my face and even though it was not really that bad, still it made me depressed to the point of wanting to just give up and accept this terrible fate.

Not only I feel sad when I look at myself on the mirror, but the saddest when I see girls flawless faces. I just couldn’t help but get jealous.

There were too many anti-acne cosmetics I have tried that were not effective and worst some only multiplied my pimples. It was really sad because I spent a lot of money to those products and most of them were really costly.


Until one day, I decided to just leave it and do nothing about it. I admit that my acnes didn’t get worse but still it didn’t get any lesser. It was stable and still I hated it.

One thing that sucks with having acnes are its after effects. You get to have dark pimple marks and its really ugly. Unlike the other types of skin, my post pimple marks are not those typical reddish tiny marks that leaves after a day or two because whenever I’m done having a zit it leaves a really dark mark which is a far shade darker from my skin and it’s very noticeable plus it stays there for a really long period of time.


Long period of ugly time

And so I’m forced again to do something about it and pray that magic happens!


Not until last week, my cousins from Manila recommended a product that actuay helps ease pimples and get an even clearer skin. At first I was hesitant maybe because after spending so much money for those worthless creams, right now I’m just afraid to be disappointed again.

After reading some reviews from the internet, I have found out that most of the review for this product are actually negative but because I’m not in the right state of mind to give any care, I’m trying it anyway. Desperate calls

Right now after using its toner and cream, my face feels very oily. I have never had this much oily feeling in my face but after telling about it to my cousins they told me that its normal and that they have been feeling the exact thing so I must not worry too much…

Please let it work


As of now, I’ll stand with my decision to use it for a couple of weeks and see what happens!
I’ll be posting more about this issue soon!