Unlike anyone else, I haven’t been thinking of making a list of the things I want to accomplish for this year. I only wanted to be better, to make some reformations in my character. Later did I know that I’ll have a bigger plan, the intention to finally practice my profession and I know that it should be easy since I have been unemployed for a long time already plus I do not have any problems sorting out my schedules but hon I’m already tired and believe me this is not me being a lazybones it really is exhaustion.


I would not deny that me wanting to work was motivated by wanting to get back on track and be in the hospital but before that, I have to undergo the struggle of applying and making the necessary requirements to be hired. Yes, all of that for the first week of 2017, if you ask me if I regret not being able to work earlier than now, my answer is in between I can’t really say yes because a year of being at home gave me so much peace and time to spent with my family and I can’t say no because with all the times that had passed, slowly I became neglectful with keeping intact the nursing procedures in my mind to the point of having cold feet whenever I think about getting back to work. But I believe that everything comes in the right time and if its meant to be, it will be. I just have to endure now and give more of me. I maybe tired but I’m feeling good. Somehow there’s a part of me that tells me that I have to do it NOW regardless of no pay and tiresome duty, I will do it. Everyone gets tired and experiencing it in the beginning of the year may not be very convenient but hello 2017!!! If not now, when?



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