The hype is high 

Next week will either be a dream come true or a big sham. Although I’m already feeling an incoming disappointment but that shit’s okay like yeah baby how bad could it get right? Such perfect days never happens anyway but at least I got the idea of how things I want to be and even though it won’t flow close to that, I know it will in time! I’ll just make the most of it at that given time! Yay!

Immune na ako bes sa mga paasa na yan na umaabot na sa point na chill nalang talaga ako whatever!

Honestly, I don’t get the point whenever someone tells you not to get too much excited about something for it might not happen.. Am I turning into a positive person now? I use to not get too overwhelm about these stuffs but now I’m just enjoying and believing that even though things get crappy, I’d still be smiling and telling myself, eh ano naman? Hahahahaha