Exhale you.

I missed you and yes saying it makes me miss you even more.

Holding a photo of you and thinking how cruel time is. Its already late here but I can’t sleep with just you in my head. The night is getting colder without your late night calls. Planning to get on the other side of the earth only to hold you just so you’ll feel the coldness of a longing hands. These tiny dusts floating in the air slowly drifts apart from the gushing wind blows.

I miss you. Do you miss me too my love? The spaces between us are changing us. Did you have to left me? When all I can think about was you. I wanted to erase you but some nights like this I can only breath you. Trying to exhale you in pain but babe I’m tougher than that I can’t possibly let you go.

The morning will come again soon. Like the darkness of the night, not even us will last forever.

Inspired by: Spring Day // BTS