So I was running through my past entries and realized… 

Why do I feel like I’m this depressed human being who’s consistently broken? Hah! I’m winning this drama!!

Today was actually one of the hypest day ever! I got this new camera and I’m excited to use it for vlogging purpose!! I know it sounds funny that I’m taking this sht to another level of craziness! But I’m happy that I’m finally doing it!! 😄

So please don’t think I’m this dark emo girl who has been broken inside, although its true that I did feel them but babe, I’m more. 

I love you & Thank you!

Never thought blogging will be this fun!

To have your own world and being able to share it is really cool!!

Just a little back off to all grammar nazis, I told you I almost failed English 101 so trust me, it shouldn’t suprise you! 

With love and respect,