We’ve reached it! Finally! I have always wondered how it’s going to happen. The universe conspiring oh how lit was that. Each of them was our best friend the sun, the sky, the stars, the leaves, the moon, the clouds, the sand, the ocean waves, and even the rain was ours. My favorite was fate and time that created most of the magic! Almost like fairy godmothers making things possible creating a fairy tale. I laughed and smiled it was crazy beautiful.

Yes it was and it still is!

In a life where I forgot what love is, you made me look at the skies with adoration and how you reminded me of the starlight somehow that was amazing it felt like waking up from a deep amnesia. How I forgot the loveliness of everything, I do not know but just know that each time I go for a long ride I’ll get down the car and look at our best friends, breath like it’s the last and smile because it happened.

This is not about us but about how things happened between us. We were the perfect definition of imperfections but because of that and only that, we found beauty in the rest of the universe. In a life where you and I were scarred and haunted by the past, this is the world hugging us and making us believe that there is so much more in life to be appreciated and loved back.

To my soulmates reading, you are loved.