Last ko na to.. Last na talaga. After that talk with my mum at last I can say na medyo gumaan na loob ko. 

Alright raiz, you’ve been through worst and it would be really unacceptable to dive into that misery again. I know I haven’t been stopping you at fighting for the things that are stupid but this time, I would. 

You got to stop and you know why too well not because you’re weak but because putting up with that kind of sht would only take you nowhere and if meron man that’s only misery. Yes, a misery built in an illusion of being beautiful. 

Let it go. Go somewhere, drive afar, don’t go home until you feel better, go swim, go eat, go find something beautiful like dance under the rain or maybe watch a movie you never heard of you know how much you love that. I love you self and if making you cry now will save you from a liter of tears of tomorrow that’s okay.

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