Assalamu alaikum! 🌈

Just an update about my life yes if that matters which I think would not..

So its already day 9 of my madras class and it’s actually going well!!! The class is super fun and very interesting! I have never felt bored yet ever since it started which is really a new thing although I had missed 2 days of class due to my migraine but it’s fine I’m back and even well I can say! Alhamdulillah!

So tomorrow we’ll be having an oral recitation one by one and I’m super excited even though I’m still a slow reader maybe because the class never pressured us to master reading right away and I’m really happy and satisfied with what I can do now as compared to what I knew before I started doing madras again and I’m super hyped that next week in shaa ALLAH we will be starting with the Qur’an yesss! IN SHAA ALLAH! 

It has always been a dream that one day I could read the Qur’an in a much efficient and accurate way and not like before that it took me a lot of time to finish even just one line and not even sure if I read it the right way so yuuuh! Finally Alhamdulillah!

Studying arabic is hard especially if you do not know the basics like the huruf and the signs because its very tricky first you think you know it then the next it looks totally different, the sounds and vowels are very confusing too so it needs a lot of patience #rmf

So aside from the madras, I’m also preparing myself for the NMAT exam I know I haven’t talked about this yet to anyone not even with my parents but yes I will be starting to review myself.

In case you wanted to ask if I already have decided to enter med school, my answer is NOT YET. The reason I haven’t talked about it to anyone is to stop keeping their hopes up especially my mum I do not want her to get too excited about it I just want to keep it lowkey but nevertheless I’m going to give my best because let’s face it med school isn’t something you can take too lightly so yuh I’m doing this now. In shaa ALLAH whatever happens and whatever Allah decrees I will accept it. Truly only Him knows what is best for us!

But I still have a lot of time and ramadhan comes first so that is my priority now. Oh wait! Did I tell you that I quit taking my masters degree? Yes I did and I admit that taking it didn’t felt right in the first place. I do not know why but it’s something I know I won’t be regretting.

So yea! Thought this was going to be a short update but I guess I had a lot pala to say! 

God bless everyone! 

Have a fun summer! 🌞