So here’s a thing! I had this moment when me and my sister visited a crocodile park in Davao where obviously is a park of crocodile so yeah! 

Just a throwback when I was still in grade school well actually even when I got into high school I was bullied a lot and called names and one of them was “buwaya” well it’s crocodile in tagalog and I didn’t find a reason why except that maybe because of my mouth HAHAHAHAHA it’s kinda huge but since it’s still proportion to my face as a whole I never really thought of it as a disappointee I know I just made that word up lol.

So story short when I had a closer look at the crocodiles I burst out laughing and literally speak to them about how we look a like and honestly it was fun although not to the point that I felt belong with them but it was just to finally see many of them and thought about how I was compared to their kind.

And it still is funny everytime I thought about it.

Gosh crocodiles are so pretty and they don’t smell anything which is good unlike the other animals there 🐦

So I’m going to end this entry with a shoutout to my boy Al-shadee Mazaar just because he pioneered calling me that. So how’s life? HAHAHAHA I have finally seen a crocodile and you know what? You’re right! I do think we have a lot in common! Hahahahahaha! 🐊

ps. I knew you had a crush on me you just couldn’t say it. Hah! #rofl