3 days !!!


Ya Allah! Please please please let us reach ramadhan!!!

It’s a bit of a disappointment welcoming Ramadan in state of being heartbroken due to the dfferent atrocites happening in different parts of the world but no matter what happens, as a muslim we must not forget how blessed this month is so let us focus on doing our best and not waste time!

I really hope and pray that In shaa Allah I could do so much more than what I did last year and I hope you do too. I feel like these past few days I have been acting weak and so from time to time I wake myself up and consistently remind me that I could do it!

Just a tip!!!

Make sure you have your to-do-list for this ramadhan to keep you organized!

I’ll do mine tomorrow and in shaa Allah i could post it and share it with you! 😺
Allahumma Balighnaa Ramadhaan!! 🎈🎉