Everything happens for a reason!

Awhile ago I saw something that crushed my heart and I froze to the point that I became wordless of what I’ve learned.

I wished I knew what to do. If only I knew. But no & I had to face and accept the reality that sometimes the mistakes you commit might hurt and ruin you in ways you may or may not ever recover.

But on the other hand, I saw how finding and figuring out your mistakes is beautiful too. If no one told me about it, there was no way I would change into a better version of me and in the end the damages I might get myself into will be something I may not ever free myself from.

Sometimes you get your heart broken for the best reasons so don’t get too sad and trust that everything happens for a reason!

p.s I’m typing rn in a half asleep mode so expect a lot of typo ๐Ÿ’‹