Unspoken πŸŒ™

Assalamu alaikum!

How are you?

I thought about getting a diary as a journal for this ramadan when I actually have this blog already.

At first, I wanted to talk about everything from the early dawn to the tahajjud nights, the reading of the Qur’an which I could say quite the highlight of my 2017 ramadan. 

Maybe because sometimes we couldn’t contain our happiness especially when we’re proud of ourselves that we are able to do such things we have always wanted ourselves to accomplish!

As much as I wanted to share my happiness, I decided not to write or publish anything about my ramadan experience I don’t know but it just didn’t felt right as for me..

That is why I have decided that whatever I do in this month of ramadan, I want it to be just between me and ALLAH subhanahu wa taala.

No one needs to know except Him.

For Him and Only Him!

Ya Allaaah!

May you accept all our efforts!!!