A river in paradise!

Assalamu alaikum!

Just a brief post! Hehe!

So last time I told you about the checklist I made for ramazan and one of it is where I read a tafseer of at least 1 ayah a day and since I was running out of data/mb I decided to just choose the shortest surah from the Qur’an which is the surah Al-Kawthar. 

I actually do not know much about this surah except that it was short.

But eventually after learning more about its tafseer I was shook that this short surah had a very big impact to the prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.)’s life and actually has a very beautiful story behind it.

Long story short, it was revealed when the Prophet salallahu allaihi wassalam’s son Abdullah died. The prophet was even depressed not only for the reason that his son died but because instead of people mourning with him, everyone was celebrating due to the reason that there was no one to keep the prophet’s lineage. Well we all know how important sons were before as compared to having a daughter because sons has the capability of keeping the lineage strong and existing and so ALLAH subhanahu wa ta’ala revealed the Surah Al-Kawthar to the prophet. Basically it talked about how Allah azzawajal gifted the Kawthar (A river in the paradise) to the prophet and said that whoever opposed to the prophet those times they were the ones who was the real Abtar.

Since I’m bad at story telling, here’s a link of a video to properly tell you the tafseer behind the surah Al-Kawthar:

I usually deliver surah Al-Kawthar during my salah since it is a very short one but after learning the tafseer behind it, I don’t think I will ever deliver it in the way I did before, knowing the reason behind it and knowing that for once in the life of the prophet this surah meant a lot for him especially in his most depressed time.


Ramadhan is indeed filled with blessings and a real life changer too.