Efforts & Regrets

Sometimes all you have to invest is your effort

You see, it matters.

Even though you do not have anything yes, I meant ANYTHING! If you got the right amount of effort I’m telling you, you have half of everything you need to accomplish what you want.

Question: Does effort guarantee success?

It really depends on your definition of success. 

If you think you failed even after investing your efforts just because you weren’t able to get what you wanted then the answer is no. Effort doesn’t warrant you success.

But on the other hand you might also ask yourself what was there to lose in the first place? 




To what extent?

Did I have a choice?

Exerting efforts doesn’t only mean you do it, sometimes you risk something to be able to do it.

Our top of the list: Your precious energy

But notice how I indicated the right amount of effort well its because you don’t overdo or act less efforts. I’m not saying doing a lot of effort is bad but one must know where you have to stop and do more.

Maybe its because I do both. I exert huge amount of effort to the things which are more important to me AND less to those aren’t much of a big deal. But you and I have dissimilar views of the different things in life, you may exert less efforts to the things where I give most of my efforts and vice versa that is why in the end it all ends on how we prioritize things.

But then again the point is, it matters.

The moment we stop giving any efforts, everything stops.

You can’t expect to grow without efforts.

I am a witness of myself as someone who sometimes hoped she exerted more effort to something or less effort to something else but never thought about much of how I failed or wasted my time, money and energy. Because although there were things I didn’t accomplished even after exerting efforts, I knew at that moment it wasn’t worth the regret.