After officially shutting down my twitter account I know this blog will be even more lowkey as to most of my reader comes from twitter.

I have been wanting to do that for months already and I’m so glad it’s gone. I actually don’t mind about the readers from twitter since I’m not really promoting everyone to read my blog. I just want it to exist.

But still I got the link tagged on my facebook and instagram since I have less bio indicated at those two sites.

So why why why..

Someday I’ll talk about why I quit my SNS accounts… Someday….

Cause if you still don’t know I deleted my facebook account twice already. One was filled with all my memories from high school and college but still I gave it all up and decided to start something less connected with everyone else. I don’t even know how I gained 400+ friends now at my new facebook but that’s a huge difference from 3K+ which I had with the first one.

I also deleted my first twitter account which basically had all of my crap tweets since 2010 and had it deleted on 2014 if I’m not mistaken and once again started a new account at early 2016 and decided to end it today. 

So far.. Instagram is the only thing I’m consistently loyal with since 2013 and hoping I won’t delete it too.

And with this site, I started this year 2015 just 2 weeks before my board exam which I knew was not really the best time to start blogging but it still felt right letting all the pressure out here; Plus it was only last year when I became really active. 

SNS tires me out.

It really is tiring..


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