I think you are more than insatiable..

How does one waltz away to sleep when another heart is tired but awake and feeling the crisp of misery..

Letting someone live without a choice but to do a thing that would leave the person with less than what he or she deserves.

Life is unfair and heartbreaking to the point that you routinely get used to it. 

I’ve seen people living like they were somehow immune to the cuts of life.

Did it really have to be that way?

Cause I don’t want to get used to it..

And you say leaving was a choice. That quitting was an option. And that somehow it was an easy access that I could jump into anytime..

You call that a choice

While I weep in silence not knowing what I should do..

I would never let you define my worth just because you see me smiling and acting like I’m fine when clearly you and I both know I can’t deal with any shts longer..


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