Every time I do something too much I tend to quit it.

These past few days I admit I have been obsessed with Instagram and I'm starting to feel sad about it. I really can't disclose as to why I regularly check my Instagram. I just can't.

I guess I have to use it more moderately. No more vlogs and stories for a while. I know I have to do this until I feel free from this dilemma.

I'm done lying at myself.

I love you self but let's stop here. I'll focus on blogging nalang and studies! Let's do this self! 3 months more!

I know some of you guys were telling me to keep vlogging and I love all of you! You have no idea how great it feels every time you tell me to keep doing something I have always wanted to do. Promise I will keep on doing it but in a more discreet manner. Someday I'll be back with a more cringe-worthy and pabebe video! I love you!

I have to lessen it before I quit!

Thank you luv 🤘


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