I get so much shit from getting attached sa maling tao.

I've had enough of these inconsistencies. I'm not playing this game with anyone especially not with the ones who do not have the balls to talk to you properly and just disappears.

When you leave, just leave!

Stop confusing people that you've change and that you would want to stay when you're really just bored.

Who gave you the right to play with a person's emotion?

How to fight with someone who's a pro at this? You can't! You lose! and that is exactly why they come back after leaving and pops up again because you're weak and they're aware of that. You're so forgiving that everyone takes advantage of you.

For once, learn to stand up. Show them that it's not ok. Show them that you want something better for yourself rather than deserving all the shits in life. You have so much love in you and good people deserves it.

Trust me they exist and they are worthy of entering your heart.

also when you leave, just leave.

The right person will choose to stay and would be afraid to hurt you because he knows your feelings are precious and you deserve efforts, not just routine.

Not just an option but the only option.


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