Every time I do something too much I tend to quit it.

These past few days I admit I have been obsessed with Instagram and I'm starting to feel sad about it. I really can't disclose as to why I regularly check my Instagram. I just can't.

I guess I have to use it more moderately. No more vlogs and stories for a while. I know I have to do this until I feel free from this dilemma.

I'm done lying at myself.

I love you self but let's stop here. I'll focus on blogging nalang and studies! Let's do this self! 3 months more!

I know some of you guys were telling me to keep vlogging and I love all of you! You have no idea how great it feels every time you tell me to keep doing something I have always wanted to do. Promise I will keep on doing it but in a more discreet manner. Someday I'll be back with a more cringe-worthy and pabebe video! I love you!

I have to lessen it before I quit!

Thank you luv 🤘


Kwento ko sayo

Vlog later tapos bukas upload. 

This is it na!

Kwento ko kung bakit ang hilig hilig kong mag vlog 


Haggard pala ako these days… just sayin lol


Lighten Up!

I really wanted to film a vlog but today was super gloomy that I lost all the right feels to do it.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to find the right vibe and be on it 💨

It’s been awhile narin 📹



Too much time has passed

It really did fade..

I closed my eyes once again

Another tear I pretended didn’t fall

And blamed the rain cause it felt cold

The sun will fade and leave me again

Night will come and we’ll remember back

The crooked steps I took

How the tables turned vacant and empty

An hour passed and I’m still halfway done

Few details that will soon fade just like a fantasy

Tomorrow I’ll wake up from this dream

Likewise, I will leave everything quietly


Resignation Letter

I quit.


Allah knows how much I wanted to work but this is more than just a test of patience it’s also about how conflicted I was with my own self worth.

I didn’t want to live that way.

Not a day more..

It was exhausting not only physically, emotionally and mentally but also spiritually.

And I can’t get use to it. I just couldn’t and I’m not sorry cause when you get treated least than what you really deserve you should think about yourself too.

Today I just finished enrolling at Assunnah academy and I am so thrilled to continue my studies in shaa Allah!

Alhamdulillah I am really pleased and excited about it!!! 

May Allah continue to bless us!

Assalamu alaikum!



I think you are more than insatiable..

How does one waltz away to sleep when another heart is tired but awake and feeling the crisp of misery..

Letting someone live without a choice but to do a thing that would leave the person with less than what he or she deserves.

Life is unfair and heartbreaking to the point that you routinely get used to it. 

I’ve seen people living like they were somehow immune to the cuts of life.

Did it really have to be that way?

Cause I don’t want to get used to it..

And you say leaving was a choice. That quitting was an option. And that somehow it was an easy access that I could jump into anytime..

You call that a choice

While I weep in silence not knowing what I should do..

I would never let you define my worth just because you see me smiling and acting like I’m fine when clearly you and I both know I can’t deal with any shts longer..



Tonight I’ll share to you my story

Everything from the start

The pretty and ugly

So listen to me now

Cause you and I are travelling to another page

Stay with me

through this long messy journey

These secrets are for us


No. We can’t take a second

Hold my hands tighter

With you there’s no pretending